Friday, March 13, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Winner

Alright guys we had a huge turnout for this contest, unfortunately most people didn't follow the rules by signing up and commenting using Intense Debate. Out of 119 comments we only have 51 eligible entries, which kinda sucks but i guess it gives those who followed the rules a better chance at winning. I would like to personally thanks everyone who participate and hope you will come back to us for your blogging needs (i sound so professional haha).

Anyway lets get to the winner, we went to and plugged in our number of 51, hit submit and the number it shat out at us was the number 19! The first comment was 1 and so on, passed a few who didn't register with Intense Debate and got to our winner. Congratulations to Str8nasty for winning the contest! Str8 I need you to email me at with your mailing address, I will order the game off of and have it shipped to your doorstep as soon as I get the addy.

Thanks again for everyone playing, my next contest will be at so please stay tuned!