Monday, March 9, 2009

Grand Opening At, Win A Brand New 360!

You heard right, our sister site over at 360junkies is having its grand opening today, you thought the prizes were good before, wait until you see what my friend seeson has up his sleeve this time! One lucky winner is going to receive a brand spanking new Xbox 360 Arcade system! These guys have gone above and beyond, surprising me each week with some of the best contests around, and they just got started! I'm telling you guys, 360junkies is the place to be if you're a hardcore gamer!

Ok here are the rules and the all important link to the contest! Good luck guys! LINK

To enter, you may do any or all of the following: (each counts for 1 entry)

1. Create a post on your own personal blog about this contest and post a working link here.

2. Follow us on twitter HERE and then tweet the following (Tweet as much as you'd like, but you only need to do it once):

RT is giving away a Brand New #Xbox Arcade console! Details at! #360JXbox

3. Get other websites/forums to post this contest with a working link. Your forum name must be referenced in that post in order to count. One link per site. Each working link counts as one entry. Link must be working! (i.e. Thanks to katterfly at!)