Monday, February 9, 2009


I wanna talk about this gorgeous looking game that, unfortunately, is exclusive to the PS3. The game looks well made and has some beautiful visuals. Here are some of the general features:

* Be a Hero: Take on the role of Cole, an everyday guy and urban explorer, who develops a wide range of electricity-based powers. Learn how to adapt to Cole’s evolving powers in an attempt to save Empire City and its people.
* Super Powers: Feel what it is like to discover, grow and use a wide range of electricity-based super powers (good or bad); and grasp the responsibility that comes from being so powerful.
* Epic Battles: Experience what it is like to be a true hero, taking responsibility for every action, as players battle against powerful iconic villains.
* Open Dynamic World: Coupling rich powers with a reactive environment and population, experience complete freedom to explore a deep, open interactive city. Players will be challenged to decide if they choose to save or destroy Empire City.
* Urban exploration: Scale the cityscape to discover new vantage points and employ a vertical combat system. Utilize Cole’s climbing skills to go where most people can not, opening up a variety of offensive and defensive combat options.
* Organic, City Ecology: Watch the citizens and city react and evolve depending on players’ actions. Events will unfold based on the role players take in them, creating broader reactions in the city’s people and environment. Here is the most recent vid of gameplay.Now that you've seen this game, doesn't it suck ass that us 360 owners can't have a taste? It seems like Sony(the producers of this game) would make double, or even triple, the money on this game by releasing it for the 360 as well. It goes the same for Microsoft as well, more platforms, more money, simple as that. Sony and Microsoft need to put their grievances aside and think about the gamers. /rant