Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Call of Duty 4 still alive?

The answer is a big YES! I just learned about a new promotion for CoD4 straight from the blog of their community manager fourzerotwo. According to, starting Tuesday Feb. 24th, the Variety Map Pack will become %50 off for those of you who still need to pick it up, leading up to the promotion, they will also be giving out tokens to download it for free on Twitter. When the last weekend of Feb. hits, starting Friday Feb. 27th and going until Monday morning, they will be flipping the ol’ mighty Double XP switch one more time!

Also The HARDCORE HEADQUARTERS playlist will be added on Friday 27th along with Double XP for the most XP heavy sessions you will ever see. Who’s down for a little Hardcore Headquarters on Shipment?! Carnage will ensue.

The 50% off Map Pack, Hardcore Headquarters playlist and Double XP includes Xbox Live and Playstation Network!

Anyone and everyone can participate, no sign-up, no anything. Just pop in the game on Friday the 27th and play. They will handle the rest.