Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Unusual" or not, I can't wait! WaW Map Pack Coming Soon!

As announced last month, Treyarch is working towards releasing a map pack (the first of what may be two or three) sometime early this year. Executive Producer, Daniel Suarez, has done a wonderful job generating buzz over the pending release with his comments on the DLC such as, "unusual", "mysterious", and "nontraditional". Immediately our heads are filled with amazing possibilities, "What could all this mean? Could there be new guns, perks, or even vehicles???". As hard as it is, I'm trying to keep my childish dreams subdued for now, though personally I am in favor of some more Hardcore game types. Those of you who played the beta will remember that the in-game leaderboards showed promise of a bevy of hardcore games! Whatever it may be, I'm just glad to hear Treyarch is at least attempting to release two or three maps packs for it's latest entry of the Call of Duty franchise!